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Metallic Finish Clear Acrylic Lacquer - ACRYSIL
Clear Acrylic Lacquer – ACRYSIL

Acrysil  is an excellent, extremely quick drying, 100% transparent Clear Lacquer.  This is available in 400 ml self Spray Aerosol cans packings Acrysil is extremely quick drying, offers a tough coating & will touch dry within 2-3 Min. Over-coating, if necessary, may be done after 1 hour. Acrysil  offers an adherant, 100% transparent, 100 % water repellant, very high gloss clear coating , has anti-yellowing properties and excellent anti-corrosion properties.The use of PROMTECH Acrysil needs very little skills to operate. There is no need for the messy operations like, thinning, spraying and post Cleaning of the gun. Acrysil can shall be used as per the instructions printed on the can. The aerosol can is used to the last drop of the. Can has a shelf life of ONE YEAR. The Lacquer applied is very uniform, has excellent spreading properties & coverage of approx 4 M2 by single coat application. As a spray coating Acrysil is  recommended for application on Wood All Metals Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper,Brass,Wood,backelite, Laminates, Plastics, HDPE, moulded plastics, Television Cabinets, Metal tubes.

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