Cold Galvanizing Sprays
Cold Galvanizing Zinc Bright Spray
Zinc Bright Spray (Silver Bright Finish)

Zinc Bright Spray ( Silver Bright Finish) are widely used as COLD GALVANIZING SPRAY PAINTS for Salvage / Repairs and Touch-Up for all Galvanized surfaces. These products offer to the coated areas of Mild Steel Fabrication and Galvanized Steel Fabrication.

The Spray cans are available in 400 ml Self-Spray Aerosol cans, which are extremely user friendly, require minimum skills to operates,  The Aerosol can has a shelf life of ONE Year, can be used again and again cover 2 Mtr Sq area and offer 18 - 20 microns of  Zinc Bright  Powder coating on the surface, is instant Air drying, has excellent Scratch resistance & Highest degree of Anti-corrosion. 

Mimimum Surface preparation is required. For best results, the Surface to be coated MUST be totally free from Water, Moisture, Rust, Dirt & Dust , Oil & Grease, Paints. Zinc Coating Confirms to the requirements of IS & Intl specifications.
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